1. maybe you could get like.. an american dvd player + the american set for cheaper than the japanese set? o:
    That is… probably the sad truth… It’d feel like cheap success though especially if the Japanese box set has the special stuff.

    But like hear me out. One limited edition Japanese DVD for 80 dollars. Tsuritama has been released on 6 DVDs in Japan. On that one DVD for 80 dollars are only 2 episodes. Like, even though some of the DVDs come with the Drama CDs that does not make for that price, it should just. not. Especially bc the non-limited CD-less version is only insignificantly less expensive.

  2. “go big or go home” is how i feel about any tsuritama merch.the box set comes with a lot of stuff, so maybe for my birthday heheh (also i hope you can get the DVD someday!!!)
    yeah. go big or go home is the only way to go about tsuritama merch, we’re the masters
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except it’s not even sold in stores and it’s like $40+ on ebay?! we’ll get it someday,hopefully ‘v’ (maybe see about buying a region free DVD player, i might someday)

40 Dollars is way cheaper than a single Japanese DVD even without shipping so after looking at those prices I can’t be very impressed by 40 Dollars OTL

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i’d want that box set my self but..region lock…damn u

Lmao at this rate I’ll never get it

Or any version of Tsuritama on DVD

So don’t envy Germany sharing a region code with Japan, just be glad it is out in your country

tags: bc germany will never release it either the japanese dvds are my only chance + and the prices will only get more horrible as time passes and they get rarer + megtama + meg +

Why does a single Japanese Tsuritama DVD cost 70+ Dollars

Like, a single one, not even the box

How does a single DVD from Japan (without shipping!) cost more than the complete Blu-Ray set from the US

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I still don’t know how to feel about the fact that George literally exists for the sole reason of the scene I just gifed

They created him just so some flamboyant boss could say ‘Duck’

No wonder they reanimated that scene then and put all that budged into all the detail

Like look at his fingers, look at the feathers, look at his hair and earring all bouncing with their different individual weight

It’s beautiful because it is the reason he’s there

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Frames I didn’t catch so far that make me laugh

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>>Activate Disaster Force.<<
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>>Naniwa Card Association
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